Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is the snout of a shark. I met up with the "singapore extreme foods dinner group" a crew of locals and visitors that choose a different restaurant every friday night to try a new Singaporean delicacy. The night that I happened to meet up with them it was steamed sharks head. The only place that I could find anything that resembled meat was behind the eyeballs. the rest of it was a cartilaginous mass covered in a delicious sweet soy based sauce sprinkled with tons of roasted garlic. Along with the sharks head we ate some delicious freshly skinned frog legs and huge plate of fresh tofu!

Singapore day and night

Singapore has great lighting at night. I have not been able to capture a picture of it yet, but the first thing that caught my attention upon arrival was a huge building that looked like a ship on stilts projecting huge green laser beams and beams of white light across the whole city. This happens night after night, sometimes when I look up in between buildings in the downtown or china town area I can see a criss crossing network of light beams that creates the illusion of being caught in a net. Although strange in effect, it is ultra sci-fi. I look forward to seeing my cage of light appear above me as I walk down the streets alone at night.