Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chickens at Green Cow Farm

mobile chicken coops

Green Cow Organic Farm

I got to tag along to visit this "organic" farm on the outskirts of Beijing. It is not able to be completely organic since the air pollution is so bad. Afterwards we were invited to visit the restaurant that was associated with the farm. It was really refreshing to eat some food in China that I was able to actually visit where it came from.
This dog thinks he is a pig, all of the pigs were making dog sounds...

around Beijing...

Riverside in Beijing

Lotus Pond
This is the "mall" near my house. I am looking down from the second floor
I have been taking this little yellow bike all around the city on aimless rides
Kanbashi city museum, to be completed sometime....
The city has been built from the desert up in the last five years. Funding came largely from the city government and private developers. Maybe they forgot they were building a city in the middle of Inner Mongolia, where the temperature drops below -40 in the winter and goes over 100 degrees in the summer.
I spent the day at the police station trying to figure out how to add a visit onto my chinese visa. They let us hang out in their city emergency planning and strategy room. They had a cool tv
Back in China! we found this cheap little "pleasure place" where you can buy a shower and
a full body exfoliating scrub down and massage for 25yuan= 3 USD
every time somebody came through the door the steam would instantly turn to stage smoke!
Spencer and I made our way to Kangbashi, a still be developed ghost city built to house one million people
but so far only 30,000 people have bought property there, of those 30,000 perhaps 10% have actually moved there. At least that is how it felt.

headed back to the border of China, the dining car was packed. We sat with a couple
who had been "cut-off" by the server because they had already had too much vodka. They slipped us 10,000 Tugrik
to buy them another bottle on the DL. We did and they ended up making us drink most of it. Thankfully the Mongolian vodka is actually really delicious, we sampled Chinghis Khan Vodka
the bewitching hour
the sunset as we pulled away form the Mongolian Capital
Spencer admiring the landscape

Mongolian national fast food, some of the best stew I have ever had. Mongolia doesnt really
have industrialized agriculture so this meal was more like Mongolia national home cookin
Ulaanbaatar has a pretty big population of homeless children. They live in the sewers to keep warm
the central heating pipes for all of the big buildings run underground, and keep these cave homes warm in the winter
the days in Ulaanbaatar were outrageously cold we could only be outside for a short time, this is after only being outside for a few minutes the cold while we were there reached a low of -40c
I am wearing all of the clothes that I am traveling with, definitely not enough to stay totally warm!
The overnight train to Ulaanbaatar was an old Russian model, this is the first leg of the TransMongolian
Railroad which is the western route of the Trans Siberian Railroad.

We crossed the border safely spent the night in the Mongolian border town of Zamin Uud

this is Spencer, one of my travel companions

Headed towards Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia

Man burning the hair from a bulls head and feet
Early in the Morning in Erlain, the border town between China and Mongolia. The are only a few good
ways to keep warm in the deep cold, its like -20c outside
over populated
This is the main square in Erlian, early in the morning
As we travelled across Inner Mongolia, which is a territory of China we frequently
encountered these massive sculptures.
This is an image of a coal yard that is on the edge of the 798, Beijings art zone.
This is the river behind my house
The river behind my house at night
There is a little steamed bun restaurant behind my house, this is what I have been eating for breakfast
yi long su bao zi (one steamer of steamed veg buns) and Ji dan tang (egg soup with seaweed and cilantro)
delicious! and its only 5.5 yuan which is about 75cents!