Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This sculpture has gotten me totally excited! imagine the possibilities, of building 3-D screens to play video on!!??

This is the view riding the escalator out of the Chinese Pavillion at the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition.
The scale of the architecture, is astounding. The thing that has gotten me really excited though is the amount of immersive video installation used, the scale of video projection is unreal, and some of the ways in which video has been used is unlike anything that I have ever seen

Frogs and turtles seem to be a very popular in Shanghai, its famous for seafood, I found these freshly skinned frogs at a market near where I am staying, just south of the downtown area. One jumped off of the table a minute after I walked by..

Followed the sound of this guys music, totally refreshing to see, they were so focused. I walked down numerous back alley ways that would in and out of rubble and vegetable stands. The spaces between all of the stark modern housing is filled with beautiful, used, small shacks that look like they have been bullied for a long time... but still strong.